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The Ailment App
iPhone, iPad, & Android Users —

Download our new Ailment App, now available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, for an on-the-go guide to more than 250 ailments and over 4800 herbal treatment suggestions. The Ailment App is the most comprehensive herbal reference catalog available. Get yours today!

The Ailment App by The Way of The Witch and Vixxis Softworks
The Ailment App - Available in the Apple App Store The Ailment App - Available in the Apple App Store


3/20/15-Today's solar eclipse, new moon, and spring equinox come together to create a powerful energy vortex. Take advantage of this awesome vibrational shift by doing some body and/or Earth-healing rituals. Also be sure to join The Way of The Witch family tomorrow, March 21st at 11:00 am pacific time, for a 10 minute gratitude meditation and intention session. Here is the mantra we will be speaking, or feel free to speak love and light intetions of your own!

“Gratitude and joy we bring to Mother Earth in all her forms.  One in spirit are we all.”
Blessed be!

Celebrate the return of the sun. Have a beautiful, magical Yule!

Our Cancer Care formula is now available online. Learn more about it on our
exclusive products page.

Happy Fall! Have a blessed and bountiful Mabon!

Enjoy tonight's beautiful Harvest Supermoon. This is a most auspicious time to commune with the nature faeiries and harness this powerful lunar energy to bring about and celebrate abundance!

Take a look at the HuffPostLive webcast that I was able to take part in disscussing the growing, global problem of witch-hunting

Summer Solstice has arrived.
Have a warm and wonderful Litha!

Birthright by Nichole Giles

4/28/14- It's here! Birthright, the second book in my very talented friend Nichole Giles'  Descendant Series, is available now on Amazon. Click here to get your copy.  

Archived Newsletters Now Available!

7/11/13-Archived newsletters are now available to all vistors!

Find them in the sidebar under 'Newsletter' --> 'Archive'.

We are one with all that is
and together we create all that will become...

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