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Delicious Homemade Wassail

For a fun and tasty way to add some magic to your wintertime celebrations, try my somewhat non-traditional but oh-so-delicious witch’s wassail at your next holiday gathering!

The word wassail is derived from the old Norse ves heil, as well as the old English greeting was hάl, which translates to “be you healthy.” It’s no wonder! Traditionally made with mulled cider and a slew of spices, this ancient and magical beverage is a tonic for both the body and soul. With a history dating back thousands of years, wassail has evolved and made its way into many of the holiday celebrations around the globe. Early versions, often referred to as lambswool, date back over 2000 years and were purportedly created with mead-ale, brewed with honey, and infused with roasted crabapple.

In this version of wassail, I combine fresh juices with fruit and spices, along with an energy-clearing or protective stone, to create a truly healthy and delicious brew for your yuletide festivities. I know it’s a little more effort to make this from-scratch version, but trust me that it’s so very worth it!

1 quart fresh juiced apple juice, strained (~8 Lg apples)
1 pint pomegranate juice
1 pint fresh juiced orange juice, strained (~8 Lg oranges)
4 cinnamon sticks
6 cloves
½ Tsp. nutmeg
1 hibiscus tea bag or 1 Tbsp. loose dried hibiscus flowers
12 allspice berries or juniper berries
½ inch slice of fresh ginger, about the diameter of a nickel (it doesn’t have to be exact!)
1/2 orange, sliced into ¼ inch rounds
1 medium stone of your choice, well cleaned and large enough to strain out

Some suggestions are:

Obsidian - This stone will help create physical protection through the cold winter months

Citrine - Associated with the sun, it can be used as a gesture of celebration for the return of the sun god; this stone also helps heal old patterns and promote abundance

Turquoise - A traditional stone for the month of December, it also promotes wisdom and healing

Amethyst - This stone will help open your third eye. It’s perfect for winter season introspection and scrying.

Place all ingredients in a crockpot or other non-reactive (non-metal) pot and bring to a low boil.
Reduce heat to the lowest setting and simmer for at least two hours but no longer than four.
Strain out spices, fruit and stone, and serve warm with a fresh cinnamon stick and orange slice.
Makes ~5 8oz servings

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