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Scrying 101


The name Scrying comes from the English word Descry, which means “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.” The art of scrying has been used for centuries as a means to gain insight into aspects of our lives and world, to assist in understanding the past, and to glimpse possible future occurrences. The practice can be performed using a number of different mediums. Historically water, polished stones, crystals, smoke, clouds, flame, mirrors, metal, and oil have all been used in this form of divination.  

Widely revered in the occult community as a sacred spiritual and mystical art, scrying has been practiced in different forms within many cultures and societies throughout the ages. Evidence points to its appearance in China in 3000 BC, In Egypt at 2500 BC, and in ancient Greece somewhere near 2000 BC. Scrying plates have been discovered at several archeological sites throughout Celtic lands, thought to have been brought there through Norse influence. The Druids are known to have used crystal scrying plates as a means of divination, and Native Americans have a long history of smoke scrying. The famed Nostradamus is said to have used a black obsidian stone and a dish filled with ink as scrying tools to foresee his famous predictions.

In the Early 19th century, the use of crystal balls and stage magic became prevalent. Consequently scrying began to lose its significance as a spiritual tool. The General public came to view scrying as entertainment or trickery. Fortunately the true art of scrying has not been lost, being taught largely behind closed doors in private practices and passed down through ancient tradition. To this day scrying is a revered as a powerful and sacred form of divination utilized by many throughout the world.

Make your own Scrying Mirror
If you’re interested in learning the art of scrying, a scrying mirror is a great tool to have around. I like the fact that they’re portable and ready to use whenever you need. They’re also inexpensive and simple to make!

Equipment needed:
-picture frame (any size you like)
-black spray paint
-powdered herbs such as mugwort, wormwood, or willow (optional)
-paper towels or newspaper

Step one-Prepare a work surface using your paper towels or newspaper.
*Make sure you’re working in a clean, well-ventilated area.

Step two-Remove the glass from your picture frame and clean it to ensure that it is finger print and dust free. Lay it flat on your work surface.

Step three-Hold the paint 7 to 9 inches above the glass and spray the entire surface of one side, working in short, quick strokes to prevent dripping. Allow this first coat to dry, then add a second coat of paint to insure complete and even coverage.

If you are using powdered herbs, sprinkle them lightly across the surface of the glass immediately after your first coat of paint has been applied.  Allow the paint to dry and proceed with a second coat.

Step four-When your mirror has dried, place it back in the frame with the painted side facing back.

At this point feel free to embellish your new scrying mirror any way you’d like. You can carve symbols into the frame or attach small crystals. This is not necessary, but it’s a great way to personalize your new scrying tool!

Preparing your mirror
Before you use this or any new magical tool for the first time, it is important to insure that it is properly prepared. One simple and effective way to do this is by smudging & lunar charging. Simply light a smudge stick and burn it for a minute or so around your mirror, then place the mirror outside (when weather permits) or near a window to be charged by the moon for at least three nights. It’s best to do this during a waxing or full moon. If you’d like to charge your mirror for an entire moon cycle make sure you also begin and end during a waxing or full moon phase.

Alternate clearing methods

-Pass a clear quartz crystal over your mirror several times to clear the energy

-Wipe your mirror with a solution of 1/8 cup spring water and 5 drops lavender or other energetically clearing essential oil

-Burn loose herbs such as cedar, sage, or hyssop, in a heat-proof bowl and use as a smudge around your mirror

-Cover your mirror with a paper towel and sprinkle a layer of sea salt over the top. Let this sit for three days then carefully remove the towel and salt (you don’t want to get any salt stuck in the corners of your mirror!)

Alternate charging methods

-Clear your chakras and proceed to run life-force energy through yourself into your mirror

-Call in Arch-Angel Michael or Uriel, Celtic goddess Coventina, Jesus, Buddha, or other ascended masters, angels, or guides and ask for their assistance in charging your mirror

-Place other previously charged tools such as tarot cards, rune stones, healing stones, potted plants, or wands near your mirror and cast a circle around them that is left undisturbed for three days

Now that your mirror is ready, you can begin your scrying practice!

Simple Scrying
There are numerous methods that have been used throughout the ages in the art of scrying. Many of them simple and some more complex. The following is a simple and effective exercise to begin your journey in this magical art;

Sit comfortably in a dark room with your scrying mirror propped at a slight angle (like a picture frame would sit on a table) about 18 inches to two feet in front of you. Light two candles and place one on each side of the mirror. Cast a circle around yourself and your working space and call in your Angels/guides/guardians, or any gods/goddesses or ascended masters that you wish to have present. Be sure at this point to state that only those who are here for your highest good and the highest good of all involved may be present.

Ground and center yourself by taking a few deep breaths and slowly releasing them, then relax your gaze and focus on the image of your left eye in the mirror. Try not to be distracted by what’s going on around you or what you think you should be seeing, simply relax into a meditative state and keep your focus on the mirror. Often the first thing to appear will be images of yourself morphing and changing.  Take note of these images as they may be representations of a past life, an animal or spirit guide or some other influence in your life. As your practice progresses, you may begin to see other images that can represent past or possible future events relative to your life or the world around you. As you allow the images to come and go you may notice that you are often drawn back to your own reflection. This is a normal part of the process as our brainwaves move between different states of consciousness.  
~Deep meditative practice puts the mind in a theta state, which is where we experience dreams while sleeping. As we learn to move into and hold this state while awake we can experience things generally unseen by our waking mind. But holding ourselves in a conscious and aware theta state takes practice. The more often you do this exercise, the easier it will become!~

For your first few sessions, spend only 5 or 10 minutes gazing at the mirror. Longer practices may result in headaches or dizziness if you’re not used to scrying on a regular basis. As you become more adept you can increase your sessions by 5 or 10 minutes at a time and work as long as you feel comfortable.

When you are finished, you may want to record any images that came to you during your session along with insight you have received and save this information for future reference. Thank all beings whom you invited in to your space and take down your circle. Store your scrying mirror in an area where it will be undisturbed until you are ready to use it again.

You can practice the art of scrying at any time; however in my experience it is generally most successful when being done on or within a 3 day window of the dark moon in the monthly lunar cycle.

Although there is no right or wrong answer as to whether or not to allow others to use your magical tools, I have found that keeping my mirrors and certain other tools for personal use helps create a greater energetic connection between myself and my implements. This, of course, does not mean that you should not share if you feel impressed upon to do so!

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