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Plant Focus: Witchgrass

AKA: Couchgrass, knotgrass

Scientific name:
Agropyron repens

Planetary correspondence: Jupiter

Corresponding element:

A perennial plant with invasive tendencies, growing to 32 inches in height. It has thin leaves resembling grass and spikes that produce small green flowers

Parts used:
Rhizome, seeds, root, leaves

Found in both North and South America, Europe, Northern Asia and Australia

History & folklore:
Both Dioscorides (AD 40 – 90) and Pliny (AD 23 – 79) recommended the root of this plant for poor urine flow and kidney stones. In the past the plant was also used in the treatments of both gout and rheumatism. During times of famine, people would roast and grind the root as substitutes for coffee and flour.
Witchgrass is believed by many to bring both happiness and luck. It is said that when placed under the pillow of ones beloved, it will grow new love and intimacy in a relationship

Medicinal uses:
Most commonly, witchgrass is used for infections of the urinary tract like cystitis and urethritis. It is useful in the treatment of kidney stones as well as enlarged prostate and prostatitis. Juice extracted from Witchgrass root may be used to treat liver complaints and jaundice. Its demulcent effects help with coughing by easing bronchial tension and it is also useful as a laxative

Magical & energetic uses
: Use witchgrass both internally and externally to dispel depression and promote positive energy and outlook. Hang a bouquet of dried Witchgrass at the front door of your home to send negativity away and promote happiness and good fortune.

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