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Animal Totem: The Mouse


Planetary association:

God/Goddess associations:
The mouse is sacred to the god Apollo, who in early Greece was sometimes referred to as Apollo Smintheus which translates to mouse Apollo.

Other associations:
Underworld, mother earth, conservation, fertility

Resourceful, abundant, timid, sly, quick thinking

The mouse represents resourcefulness and the ability to recognize and create abundance. It is timid but quick thinking and intuitive, and can adapt to unexpected life changes with ease. When the mouse makes an appearance in your life, it's time to take stock of your day to day routines and prioritize how and where your energy is being spent. It can also signal a need to organize your surroundings and focus on creating an emotionally grounding and soothing space. The mouse is a master observer and can recognize the smallest details that would be overlooked by others, which allows him to flourish even when resources seem scarce.

Message from the mouse:
"You are surrounded by abundance, my friends. By simply expanding your awareness you will see that you have access to everything you need to thrive. Quietly bring your attention to the present, then surrender to the infinite flow and increase of all that you desire. Head the signs and follow the path that opens before you, trust your instincts, release fear, and foster gratitude to swiftly shift your perception and effortlessly flow toward expansion.”

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