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To walk the way of the witch is to live consciously and in balance with all energies and beings, both seen and unseen, who inhabit our Mother Earth. By expanding our knowledge of who we are, we learn to harness and work in harmony with the energies around us. We will shape our lives and create our paths as we walk towards our destiny. We choose to empower ourselves that we may evolve more fully into the powerful beings we are destined to become.

This site was created to empower each of us with meaningful information and tools, designed to help us live our highest purpose and create our most abundant and joyful lives!

The information presented here is not intended to be the final word on any given subject. Rather it is meant as a reference point and a resource for anyone who is interested in the topics presented.

Much of the information given is based on experience from my own personal and professional healing practice, as well as many years of study, training and living in accordance with an earth based spiritual path.

I am a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Alchemical Healer, Intuit, and Herbalist. I have developed my own energy work modality which is a culmination of the many techniques I have trained in and worked with over the past 20+ years, combined with ongoing direction and insight from my guides.    

It is my goal and passion to help each of us live our happiest most fulfilled lives, to return to our natural state of being which is health and perfect balance, and to consciously create the lives we choose to live.

The topics covered on this site are designed to address many different aspects of creating and living magical lives. They can each stand alone as fabulous tools while also working perfectly together, each complementing and enhancing the others.

The ideas and subjects presented here represent parts of my own spiritual and philosophical path. I strongly believe that we must each learn to find our own truth and trust our own inner knowing above all else. And so, I invite you to navigate these pages, to take what presents itself as truth to you and leave what does not.




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