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The Way of The Witch Newsletter| Clairaudience exercise

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Clairaudience--clear hearing
Beginning practice

This exercise, designed to develop and enhance clairaudient abilities, is quite simple. However, it takes dedication and consistent practice to really hone your abilities. Clairaudience is about hearing. But to be able to hear, you must first learn how to listen.

For this practice, you will need access to music, preferably classical, and something that is performed with multiple instruments, like an orchestra. Start by using the grounding and centering exercise found on the angels and guides page of this site to center and align your vibration to the earth. When you feel balanced and ready, begin listening to the music you’ve chosen. As you listen, try to focus your attention away from the overall melody and focus in on the subtleties happening in the background. Can you hear the Bass? Can you follow the melody of the flute? If you listen carefully you will notice that although the instruments work in harmony to create an overall theme, each instrument is actually telling a different story. As you direct your attention to just one instrument or sound and follow it throughout the song, notice the changes in the way the music presents itself to you. Repeat this practice multiple times using the same piece, each time focusing on a different instrument, then move on to new music and start the exercise again.

With regular practice, it will become easier to differentiate between the individual parts of the whole, and this ability will carry over to other aspects of your life, enhancing your clairaudient abilities. Practice listening to the world around you when you are out in nature, in a crowded room, or sitting quietly at home. Notice the less obvious sounds that may go unnoticed to the untrained ear. Developing the ability to differentiate between and focus in on different sounds and frequencies will enable you to more easily recognize messages from your angels, guides, and other beings existing in different vibrational realms than our own.


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