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Celebrating the Blue Moon

On the 31 st of this month, we will be gifted with a beautiful August blue moon, meaning it will be the second full moon in this calendar month. What an auspicious time to celebrate and create abundance and magic!

Generally this moon looks huge as it ascends the evening sky.  Being a blue moon it will bring with it ample energy for production along with the clarity needed to bring lofty goals into fruition.

This is the time to set your sites high and harness the power of this celestial event.  Write down goals and intentions, make lists and plan a path to help you succeed.  Gather plants and flowers that are abundant in this season like grapes, apples, morning glories and cosmos, to keep in your home or to use in ritual.

Take time to enjoy and embrace the possibilities of the energy that this rare moon brings. Surround yourself with all things bounteous and plentiful as a reminder that, just like our mother earth, we have the innate ability to create big and abundant things from the smallest of beginnings.

Happy Celebrating!

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