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The Way of The Witch | Alchemical Healing

The Alchemical Healing Process

The word Alchemy refers to the ancient art of changing one substance into another, generally of higher value. Alchemical Healing creates a pathway for positive physical, mental and emotional change and transformation.

During an Alchemical Healing session, we bring awareness to the health and vitality of the energetic subtle body by observing the chakras and the auric field. Each chakra is cleared, and energy is run through the center in order to balance and re-energize the system. The entire auric structure is then balanced and re-aligned. Often during a treatment, unresolved pains, traumas, or other pertinent memories will come to the surface to be acknowledged. As these and other stagnant and lower-vibrational energies are recognized and cleared, a pathway is created for healing, growth, and expanded awareness to occur.

Alchemical Healing can be beneficial as a solitary treatment, however it’s benefits will be compounded and expanded upon with a series of sessions. The treatment itself is a relaxing and restorative experience. Positive physical changes in pain, discomfort, or anxiety levels are often immediately noticeable during or after the first session. Many people also report experiencing an increase in their intuitive and extrasensory abilities in the days and weeks that follow. For those wishing to continue beyond the initial treatment, I recommend a minimum of one week between appointments. This allows time to fully integrate the influx of energy that was introduced and further process and examine any information or insights that arose.

Several tools may be used during an Alchemical Healing session including crystals, tapping, dowsing, or toning. Each session is assisted by my spirit guides along with the guides of the client, working in collaboration for the highest good of all involved. Before beginning, the healing space is cleared and protected, and the angels and guides are invited in.

If you feel guided to experience Alchemical Healing, please follow the booking link below or on the home page of this site. I look forward to meeting with you!  



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