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The Way of The Witch Newsletter | Animal Totem: The Hare

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Animal Totem: The Hare

Elemental association: Earth

Planetary associations:
Moon, Saturn

Angel associations:
Gabriel, Cassiel

God/Goddess associations:

Other associations:
It is believed by some that hares sitting in rings, known as a “hares’ parliament”, are a symbol of the witches circle, with the members being witches who had disguised themselves as hares.
They are also a symbol of the corn spirit, and their flesh was once forbidden to be eaten in both Britain and Ireland.  

Abundance, balance, fertility, fortune, intuition, rebirth, resurrection, transformation.

When the hare is drawn through oracle or appears in physical form, it may be a sign of fortune and heightened intuition. It can also signal a time of prosperity and represent the opportunity for a life-shift and a new beginning.

Message from the hare:
“I come to you with a message of wisdom and as a sign that transformation is near. The knowledge you hold is ready to birth, and belief in your own intuition is key.
Prosperity and abundance await when you allow yourself to joyfully trust your innate wisdom and follow the path laid before you. Find your footing, my friends, and walk boldly through the moonlit night. Good fortune lies in the ability to aknowledge your truth, then  follow where your feet may take you!”

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