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The Way of The Witch Newsletter | Animal Totem: The Dragpnfly

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Animal Totem: The Water Dragon

Element: Water

Planetary association:

God/Goddess associations:
The Water Dragon is associated with the goddesses Tiamet and Delphyne, as well as the Chinese dragon diety Shenlong

Power, emotion, healing, creation,

The Water Dragon comes as a symbol of the transformational and creative power of emotion.

Message from the Water Dragon:

"I’ve come to remind you where your power lies; it lies in the darkest depth of your being. It comes from the places you’ve disconnected and buried, from the places that scare you. It is hidden in your fears and in the raw emotion you’ve learned so well to keep in check.  It lies within the shadow that you’ve been conditioned to hide, because acknowledging it is unacceptable. It makes you vulnerable and real and imperfect, and that is not how you've been taught to allow yourself to be seen.

But in that raw, unfiltered state where your longings and fears reside, lies your path; The keys to uncovering the authentic you that you have come here to express. Buried there is the reason for your incarnation and journey, and the truth of your ultimate connection and oneness with everyone and everything around you. This is the place that offers you the ultimate guide to authentic power.  By acknowledging, embracing, and understanding your deepest longings and fears, you gain the clarity, insight, and wisdom housed within your authentic self. The power you seek has been with you all along.”
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