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Invoking Brighid

Brighid, whose name also appears as Brigit, Briganthia in Northern England, or Brigandu in Brittany, is a Celtic triple goddess representing the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. She is a protectress, a warrior, and a healing goddess, also known to impart inspiration and wisdom to those who call her in. She is associated with water, especially wells and springs, and there are Holy Wells throughout Scotland (among other places) that carry her name. She is the keeper of prophesies and dreams, and the goddess of poetry and music. She continues to be widely loved and celebrated throughout the world.

As I called upon Brighid, a beautiful peace settled in. A wisdom that was palpable. Her calming energy brought with it clarity of thought and an overwhelming sense of purpose. I immediately understood that her message was one of wisdom and hope.
Those who find their way to this message are those for whom it was given.  

“Beautiful beings, it is time to awaken from the slumber of forgetfulness and once again reclaim the knowledge that is your birthright. You have the wisdom of the ages available to you, lying dormant, forgotten, in the overwhelmed psyche of your busy minds. Many of you are the wise ones of times forgotten; the healers, the mages, the priests and priestesses holding ancient truths nestled deep in your cells. You are being called to remember, to set aside doubt, and to bring forth your gifts to contribute to the elevation of all souls. Call on me, and I will assist you in remembering, in connecting, and in healing, so you may more fully align with your highest purpose.”

Thank you, Brighid.
And so it is.  
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