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Color Magic


The conscious use of color can have a profound effect not only on our health and emotional well-being, but also on the energetic dynamics of our daily surroundings. Because color has the ability to play such a significant role in our lives, it is important to understand the color spectrum and how it contributes to our energy and that of the life force around us. When we recognize the specific attributes and properties of individual colors, we can utilize them in rituals and intentions to assist in creating a desired outcome. We will also be able to have a better understanding of ourselves and others when we learn to recognize the attributes of colors that we may identify in the auric field. (For more on perceiving auras, refer to the subtle bodies page on this site.)

Each color carries with it a very specific vibration.  In the Chakras, each color vibrates at a slightly higher rate than the one below it, with the root chakra color red being the most dense.  This vibrational rate is not a matter of good- better -best- as you move up the vibrational scale. Instead it is a representation of the qualities and energy that a specific color can help us achieve.

Below is a list of colors and the energetic properties they represent.  When used with thoughtfulness and intent, they can be yet another tool to assist in consciously creating and directing our lives.

Black - power (both positive & negative), disease, protection, transformation

Grey- duality, separation, disease, trauma, passivity

Brown-nurturing, grounding, stability, unity, stagnation

Blue- emotion, spirituality, intuition, peace, tranquility

Purple- insight, perception, authority, dignity, guidance

Indigo- awareness, integrity, compassion, love, creativity, intuition, honesty

Violet-fantasy, creativity, spirituality, healing, understanding

Green- growth, balance, healing, creativity, peace, harmony, love

Orange- energy, creativity, regeneration, vitality

Yellow- intellect, logic, analogy, movement, will, vitality

Pink- connection, emotion, creativity, love, romance, happiness, healing

Red- vitality, passion, power, sexuality, sensuality, energy, heat, movement, anger, strength, happiness

White- purity, perfection, protection, peace

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