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Aligning with the seasons

Through my years of working with many different aspects of the human energy field, I’ve come to recognize that we are intimately connected with the energies around us.  It is, I believe, a symbiotic relationship between ourselves and the world we live in.
As human beings, we naturally change and adapt to the consistently shifting and evolving phases of our lives.  Some of these transitions come easily, and some feel more difficult to navigate. But when our energetic bodies are aligned with that of nature, it allows us to stay grounded and present and to function more optimally day to day.

As we all know, the Earth is also in a constant cycle of change, each season bringing its own unique attributes. Springtime heralds new beginnings, renewed energy and forward momentum.  Summer is the height of productivity with long days and plenty of sunshine to promote action.  As fall arrives, nature begins winding down. The days begin to shorten and the earth prepares for winter, an ultimate retreat from the productions of the year.

The fall and winter seasons often seem to be the most difficult for people to adapt to.  Naturally, we can’t all put our lives on hold and hibernate till spring.  But we can learn to align ourselves with these seasons, helping us embrace the gifts that they have to give.

The following is a simple exercise to help transition our bodies to resonate with the vibrations of the season.

Find a quiet outdoor area where you can comfortably sit and not be disturbed.  Sit or lie down with your palms and feet placed flat on the ground (*barefoot is best for this exercise if it’s not too cold). Close your eyes and slowly inhale to the count of three. Hold this breath for two counts then slowly exhale to the count of three. Repeat this process four times then allow your breath to fall into a natural, easy rhythm.

Next, bring your right hand from the ground and place it approximately three inches above your feet. Move your hand steadily up the center of your body till you reach the top of your head. Now place your hand firmly on top of your head while keeping the left hand flat on the ground (*It is important to make sure that the left hand remains flat on the ground during this exercise).  Once again breathe in for a count of three, hold the breath for a count of two and exhale for a count of three , then allow your breath to fall into its natural rhythm. After siting for a minute or so begin quietly repeating the mantra "Air I am, Fire I am, Water, Earth and Spirit I am."  (You may use any mantra you like, but I find this one particularly helpful for this exercise).
Become aware of your body through this process.  Notice your energy melding with the energy of what’s around you.  When you feel ready, discontinue the mantra, raise your hand to three inches above your head and slowly move it back down the center of your body till you reach your feet.  Place your hand back on the ground, inhale and exhale to finish the exercise.

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