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Invoking Athene (Athena)

Athene, also known as Athena, is the Greek goddess of war and wisdom. She also represents courage, strength, justice, strategy, skill, and the arts. She is viewed as the protectress of a number of cities in Greece, most notably Athens, and it is believed that this is the origin of her name. She is the daughter of Metis, the goddess of wisdom, and Zeus. Among her most well-known symbols are the olive tree which itself symbolizes peace and friendship, and the owl which most notably symbolizes wisdom and femininity. She is often depicted as wearing full armor, including a golden helmet, and holding a spear.

As I communed with Athene, I was struck by her solid, grounded energy. She brings with her a sense of determination and productivity that inspires logical thinking and motivation to act from a place of purpose. She is strong, grounded, and resolute in her resolve.  
The message she shared was this:

"Intuition and insights are given to each and every person in order to be transmuted from the etheric field into a physical reality. Too often we leave our knowledge in the mental realm, never grounding ourselves enough to manifest these gifts into the physical dimension. As humanity moves into a new age of awakening, we must take solid and practical steps to implement our wisdom in physical form. Now is the time to be proactive in creating the trajectory that we wish our lives and humanity itself to take. It is time to do the work! Each individual who commits to this goal will not only transform their day to day lives, but will move the collective closer to its ultimate enlightenment."

After my time with Athene, and out of shear curiosity, I decided to chart her numerological name number using the most widely used spelling of her name (ending in a). I discovered that she is a master number 22, which is about creating a solid foundation to achieve actualization in the betterment of self and humanity. I continue to be in awe of the perfect order of the universe.

Thank you, Athene. And so it is!

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