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Plant Focus: Mistletoe

Scientific name: Viscum album

Planetary correspondence:
Sun, Jupiter

Corresponding element:

A parasitic evergreen shrub with narrow leather like leaves, yellow flowers, and sticky white berries. It grows in bunches up to 10 feet across on host trees

Parts used: Branches, leaves, berries

Habitat: Native to Northern Asia and Europe. European mistletoe is often found on apple trees

History & Folklore:
In Norse mythology, Mistletoe was used to slay Balder, the god of peace. Subsequently it was entrusted to the goddess of love, and sharing a kiss while standing beneath it became mandatory. Mistletoe is also sacred to the Druid priesthood. It is believed that mistletoe found growing on an oak tree is particularly powerful

Medicinal uses:
Used to lower blood pressure, ease anxiety, promote sleep, and lower heart rate. Mistletoe is also employed to relieve panic attacks, headaches, and improve concentration. It is prescribed for the treatment of tinnitus and epilepsy, and extract of the berries are injected to treat cancer
*This herb should only be used internally under professional supervision as the berries are highly toxic

Magical & energetic uses:
Mistletoe promotes protection and love. It is especially believed to protect children when placed near a bed or cradle, and protect a home when hung near an entrance. Place the dried berries throughout the house to attract love and wear them as an amulet to help increase fertility. Place a mistletoe bough nearby when calling on the goddess Freya

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