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Clairsentience--clear sensing (feeling)
Beginning practice

For this practice, you will need to borrow an item from a friend or acquaintance such as a bracelet, souvenir, or other object that holds some significance for them. You should have no knowledge of the meaning or origins of the item you borrow.

Find a quiet space to sit undisturbed and begin by grounding and centering your energy using the exercise outlined on the angels and guides page on this site. Once you are centered, hold the item in your hand and focus on tuning into and feeling it’s energy. What feelings does this object evoke?  Can you identify emotions like love, excitement, passion, loss, wonder, appreciation or something else attached to it? What other information is the energy of the object giving you? Is it warm or cool? Does it resonate with the feelings of a certain chakra? Does connecting with this item make you feel happy or uncomfortable? Spend 3 to 5 minutes exploring every aspect of its energy.

At the end of your session, write down any impressions you’ve received and decipher what they mean to you. For example, if the item resonated with your heart chakra, perhaps it was a gift from a loved one.  If there was a feeling of excitement attached to it, it may have been attained on a vacation or from an event that was exciting and memorable for its owner. Assess the information you’ve received and then check back with the owner to see how accurate your impressions were. Be sure to ask for as much detail about the item as possible, like where it came from and whether it was previously owned by someone else. Remember that objects will continue to carry energies from previous owners as well as places and events.

Doing this exercise on a regular basis will help you to become more conscious of and easily identify the energies you experience around you. It’s a great way to strengthen and refine your Clairsentient abilities.  During your practice, if you heard words or phrases, or saw visions of people, places or things, you may want to practice your clairaudient and/or clairvoyant skills as well!

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