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The Way of The Witch Newsletter| Clearing Energies and Helping ghosts cross over

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Clearing residual energies & helping spirits cross over

There are many techniques that can be used when attempting to clear an area of disincarnate beings or energy fragments. In this article, I will discuss the methods that I use and have had good success with. As a first step, it is important to try and identify what kind of energetic disturbances you are dealing with.

In my perception, residual energies are the most common type of disturbances that people experience.  This is due to the fact that as energetic beings, we leave our imprints on everything that we come in contact with. Often, the more attachment a person has to an object, or the longer a person has had contact with a place or an object, the stronger the residual energetic imprint on that object will be. Consequently, nearly everything we come in contact with is imbued with not only our own energy, but the energy of many other people as well. When homes and objects are not cleared of the energetic imprints of others, they can begin to feel unsettled and chaotic. This is especially the case in homes or areas where there are many previously owned items such as antique furniture or previously owned clothing. This is also very common in homes and apartments that have had many different tenants.

The phenomenon of negative residual energy is fairly easy to recognize with practice. And once you have learned to distinguish the signs, you’ll find that you can identify it quickly in many situations. To ascertain if residual energy needs to be cleared, sit quietly in the space in question and ground and center yourself. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and be still for a few minutes. Take note of what you feel around you. Do you feel unsettled like you might when in a room of strangers? Do you hear chatter that is not necessarily intelligible, but will not stop? Is it difficult to quiet your mind and deeply relax? These are all common signs of residual energy disturbances that can be addressed and cleared using the simple steps in exercise 1, outlined at the end of this article.

Of course, residual energy is not the only type of disturbance that people experience. Although there are many types of energies that may attach to a home, object, area or person* -see the spring newsletter article Energy Healing 101 for more on this-, occasionally deceased or disincarnate beings become attached and need some assistance moving on. This can feel like a very uncomfortable or even downright scary situation to encounter, but remember that these beings usually mean no harm. They are often just confused or in need of some assistance. *It is important to note that many angles, guides, or deceased loved ones come into our space by choice to offer comfort and assistance, or simply to check in with those they love. This feels very different than a being who is stuck and in need of help.

It can sometimes be difficult to positively identify whether or not you are dealing with a deceased or disincarnate being in need of help, but with carefull observation, you may see some telltale signs. To start, quiet your mind and assess the situation. Take note of what is happening around you. Are there physical world disturbances happening such as knocking, lights flickering, or footsteps? Can you hear a voice or voices that are somewhat distinguishable? Is there a feeling of unhappiness, anger or confusion in the room? Do you see or have you seen shadows or figures in the area? Are there or have there been electronic disturbances with TV’s, phones, or appliances? Are any of these things one time occurrences or do they happen on a regular basis?

Although experiencing any or all of these things does not guarantee that you have a ghost, it is a possibility that should be considered if the disturbances continue. If you determine that it is appropriate and you feel comfortable addressing the situation yourself, you can use the crossing over technique outlined in exercise 2 at the end of this article. Remember that you must be free of fear and in your power to successfully cross over any beings or entities.*If you do not feel comfortable handling the situation on your own, or if the entity appears to be malicious (despite what we see in the movies, this is quite rare), please seek help from a professional who has experience in dealing with these situations.

Exercise 1- Clearing energetic disturbances

To begin this exercise, cast a circle by envisioning a white, protective light circling and surrounding your home. You can do this simply by intentioning it, or you may wish to use a tool such as a wand or your outstretched hand to draw an energetic circle around the area you are working in. As you cast your circle, call in any gods/goddesses, guardians, guides, angels, archangels, or ascended masters you would like to have assist you (personally, I find that archangel Michael, the goddess Diana, and my personal guides are excellent allies in these situations). After calling in your assistance, be sure to speak the words "only those who are here for my highest good and the highest good of all involved are allowed in this space."

Address the energy specifically and speak to it as if it were an actual being, commanding it to leave your home immediately. As you do this, envision a violet or white light streaming from your crown chakra, down through your hands and out into the room. See this light filling every crack and crevice of the room until the room is completely enveloped. Do not ask, but instead tell the energy that it must now exit your home, leaving with you what is yours and taking with it all of its own energy. If you've called in assistance, ask them now to escort the energy out of your home and take it to the light to be healed if necessary.

Follow this ritual with a smudging to rebalance and reclaim your space, then thank any beings you have called in for their assistance and take down your circle by seeing the white light of your circle dissipating and infusing every area of your home.

*Making a practice of smudging or using your own energy to clear new items that are brought home will greatly reduce the frequency of energetic disturbances in your home.

Exercise 2-Helping spirits cross over

To begin, cast a circle as in exercise one. Be sure to speak the words “only those who are here for my highest good and the highest good of all involved are allowed in this space.” Speaking these words will generally not banish a being who is already there, but it will prevent other unwanted energies from entering while you are working. Light a candle and set it in the center of your working area-a candle flame can be a good indicator of spirit activity and will often pop, spark or dance while there are unsettled energies around, so you’ll want to pay close attention to it. When it settles, the disturbance has usually gone.

Speak to the being firmly, addressing it directly and tell it that you are here to help it find peace and move to the light. Speak the words, “go to the light now and be healed.” This is not a request, it is a command, so be sure to speak with authority.*It is extremely important to note here that before a being or entity can move to the light, there must first be a light to go to!  If this is a being who has been deceased for more than a week or so, or has never been incarnated, the light will not be with them. If you have called in assistance from any angels or guides, ask them to escort this being to the light, otherwise you will need to raise your energy to call in the light yourself. Do this by grounding and centering yourself, clearing yourself of all negativity and fear, and opening your heart chakra. Intention and envision healing love and divine source light to be present to transition the being and heal the situation. Again, if you are not certain that you are able to manifest the light on your own, call in assistance from the angels and your guides to assist in the process. You can effectively banish a being without helping them cross, but this will keep them stuck in their pain and confusion, and simply force them out of your space. It is always the kindest practice for all involved to help them transcend and find peace.

At this point you may want to place some protective plants or stones (obsidian works well) at the entryways of your home in order to deter any lower vibrational entities from entering in the future. As always, close your circle by acknowledging and thanking those who have come to assist you and stating your gratitude for the work that has been done.
And so it is!  


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