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The Meaning of Magic

The key concept in the how’s and why’s of understanding magic, lies in re-defining magic itself.

Magic is a word we use to portray the idea of something created or achieved in ways that do not seem possible based on our current perceptions of how things work. However, as our perceptions and knowledge heighten and change, we understand that there is no "magic" in creating magic at all. People who successfully employ the kind of creating we are talking about simply have a finer-tuned understanding of the universal energy that makes up who we are and everything around us.

To create a predictable outcome, we must first realize that everything has its own unique vibration and energy field. We then need to develop an understanding of how to work in unison with it to create the desired results.  This is achieved not by luck or chance or just the right mixture of herbs, candle colors, and incense, but from practicing and learning to become energetically sensitive to what is around us.  With conscious and consistent practice, we open ourselves up to new levels of understanding and awareness. We must truly embrace our partnership with all that is, and with this the possibilities are endless!

So read, study, learn, and most importantly commune with the elements around you.  And as your understanding grows, so too will your success in manifesting your desires.

Here’s to creating joyful, abundant & magical lives.

Blessed Be!

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