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Claircognizants-clear knowing
Recognizing and enhancing your abilities

Of the four main higher senses, claircognizants may be the most challenging to develop. Generally, people either find that they experience it, or they don’t.

First, let’s take a look at how to recognize a claircognizant moment. It often comes as an unexpected, urgent thought such as “I need to leave now,” or “she’s going to fall.” Alternately, you may suddenly receive information about someone who’s not with you at the time such as “Allison needs help,” or receive knowledge about an event occurring or about to occur in another part of the world. One important thing to know is that claircognizants is usually followed by the event or occurrence it references, thereby enabling you to note the accuracy of your knowledge.

Of course, not all claircognizant information is urgent or dire, but I find that it often comes through with the most clarity when our response can change or alter a given situation for ourselves or others, as with a warning to “move out of the way.” It’s also common to have a claircognizanat moment occur when two individuals are strongly, energetically connected, such as with a parent and child. A parent may know when their child needs them or is in distress even when they are separated. If you often find yourself looking back on situations and thinking, “I knew it! Why didn’t I trust myself?” You have likely received information through claircognizants.

Unlike our other senses, claircognizants may be more challenging to develope through practice alone. But, If you would like to experience inner knowing, make a request to your angels and guides to give you information in this way… it never hurts to ask! Also, make the chakra clearing technique found on the chakra system page of this site, a daily practice. The clearer and more balanced the you are, the easier it is to receive and recognize information from source. Most importantly, if you believe you possess this ability, commit to becoming more conscious of it. The more you recognize and respond to your inner knowing, the more available it will become to you.  

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