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Miasms & Energetic Health

The word miasm refers to energetic tendencies which predispose a person towards physically manifesting a particular illness or disease. Why is the idea of miasms important to understand?  Because in order to move towards our natural state of complete health and wholeness, we must look deeper into the makeup of who we are.

It is a fundamental belief of many who work within the energy healing modalities that everything that occurs on the physical level must first have existed energetically. Excitingly, revelations and advancements in scientific theory over the last many years have now begun to corroborate this belief.  The significance of this understanding is huge.  When we learn to balance and clear ourselves energetically, we have the ability to clear our beings of illness and disease before they manifest into our physical bodies.
This holds true not only for the miasms we are predisposed to, but also for viruses and bacteria that we may come in contact with on a daily basis.  In his book Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, M.D., cites numerous examples pointing to the conclusion that dysfunction within our chakra systems, especially that of the heart chakra, opens us up to weakened immune systems and invasion from external illness causing influences. Taking this knowledge and applying it at a practical level empowers us with the ability to truly take our health and wellbeing into our own hands. We can stop a physical illness before it starts!

A great way to begin is by getting in the habit of spinning and clearing your chakras daily as explained in the chakra section of this site. This simple practice can prove extremely beneficial to maintain a healthy energy system. Once you become comfortable with this exercise you may want to move on to working with crystals, toning, and flower essences to delve even deeper into your energy healing practice.  

The energetic healing tools we have available to us are countless, but don’t be overwhelmed! You don’t need years of study and training to align your body with its natural state of health, you only need the desire and a commitment to spend a few minutes daily becoming conscious of your own energetic system.  Do this and you will be empowered with the ability to actively contribute to keeping both your physical and energetic bodies balanced and healthy.

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