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Smudge Sticks
with Dragons Blood and Alkanet root

Clear unwanted energy, protect your space, and invite abundance with our exclusive hand-dipped smudge sticks. Each 4 inch White Sage bundle is encased in a combination of Dragons Blood, Alkanet root, and Natural Beeswax to both increase it's protective energy and promote prosperity with each use.

5.0 / 5
2 reviews
Andrea Morgan
11 Jan 2023
I have tried multiple products from this shop and have been impressed with the quality and consciousness imbued. The tourmaline infused essential oils, ritual tools and heal all-salve are a few of my favorites. I would highly recommend Tova and her consults/energy work sessions.
02 Jan 2023
These smudge sticks are uniquely dipped, high-quality, and beautiful! The burn is long-lasting and they smell amazing. Definitely recommend!
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