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*All Natural *Vegan *Chemical Free *Cruelty Free *Ethically Sourced *Sustainably Crafted

Energetic Tools
Manifestation Oils
Smudge Sticks
With Dragons Blood & Alkanet root


Create a life in alignment with your highest self and purpose with the assistance of these unique ritual products. Mindfully crafted and powerfully charged, they serve as excellent tools to enhance your magical practice and daily life.

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Upgrade your clearing ritual with our exclusive hand-dipped sage bundles. Buy now                Learn more
Herbal Tinctures & Teas
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Calm & Focus


Re-energize your body and recapture your health with our nutrient rich, gently detoxifying herbal formula. Use this carefully selected herbal blend to help promote optimum health and bodily function.

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Calm and Focus can help provide all natural relief for ADHD, poor concentration, memory loss and more. This mindfully crafted herbal blend will help you compose and concentrate a restless mind.

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Rescue & Restore
Super Immune


This carefully formulated anti-cancer herbal blend is designed to enhance healthy immune function and boost the bodies natural defenses for those who are concerned about, suffering from, or recovering from cancer.

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This exclusive formula of powerful antibiotic, antiviral, and antiparasitic herbs works in conjunction with the body's own immune system to fight infections like influenza, strep throat, parasites, and the common cold.

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Chakra Tea


Nourish your chakras with our delicious herbal tea blend. Formulated using the highest quality, organic herbs, Chakra Tea was developed to assist in creating optimal function of the enregetic body.

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Organic Essential Oils

$18.50 - $149

Discover the power of true aromatherapy combined with potent crystal energy in our new line of 100% pure, organic, geo-energetically enhanced essential oils.

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Skin Care
herbal salve
Body Drench
liquid lotion


Repair & rejuvenate your body from the outside in. Use this one-of -a-kind salve to facilitate healing rashes, cuts, broken bones & more.

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Rejuvenate your skin and invigorate your senses with this all-natural, herbal liquid lotion!
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About these products

My exclusive & professionally-crafted products are mindfully created to enhance wellbeing, promote healing & support self-empowerment.

Made with only the highest quality organic or wild-crafted herbs, all products are bio-energetically prepared during the appropriate moon cycle and geo-energetically enhanced with specific crystal energies to support health and balance on every level of the physical and energetic bodies.

*I never use:
Synthetic fragrances
Artificial preservatives

Love, Balance, Heal.


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Take a look at Tincture Making 101 for a guide to making tinctures at home!  
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